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Helpfulfunds.org is your go-to resource for finding benefits, resources, and assistance programs in your area. Navigating the world of government assistance can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why Helpfulfunds.org has created this platform to provide you with easy access to all the help available to you. If you’re looking for information on benefits, resources, and assistance programs, this post might pique your interest.

About Helpfulfunds.org

HelpfulFunds.org is a privately held for-profit entity with no affiliation or relationship with the United States Government or U.S. Department of Education. HelpfulFunds.org offers links to other third-party websites and services as helpful resources to locate internet content that may be of interest to you. Through this website, you can find comprehensive information on benefits, resources, and assistance programs in your area.

What programs are available?

Government programs can be complex and hard to make sense of. However, Helpfulfunds.org is an independent private company that has compiled free information to help you understand your public and private options. You can find information on the below programs:

Health Programs

CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program

Medicaid – Low-cost health insurance assistance program

Medicare – Federal health insurance program for the elderly and disabled

TRICARE – Health care program for servicemembers and their families

Living Expenses

SNAP – Food Stamps

WIC – Women, Infants and Children Program

TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI – Supplemental Security Income

Education Benefits

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

GI Bill – Assistance for servicemembers, veterans, and their dependents

Pell Grants – Federal need-based grants

Housing Assistance

Fannie Mae – Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)

FHA Loans – Mortgage loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration

Section 8 Housing – Federal need-based assistance

VA Home Loans – Assistance for servicemembers and veterans


In conclusion, Helpfulfunds.org is a valuable resource for discovering and understanding the benefits, resources, and assistance programs available in your area. Whether you need help with healthcare expenses, living expenses, education costs, or housing assistance, this platform has compiled comprehensive information to guide you through the process.

Each week dozens of new assistance programs are submitted to this site. Helpfulfunds.org screens these programs to ensure quality and then checks your eligibility based on the profile you have submitted. Your new matches will appear based on your profile. Check back often for new opportunities. Visit the website today and start taking advantage of the programs that can help improve your quality of life. Let Helpfulfunds.org be your guide in finding and accessing these resources for a better tomorrow.

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