Should the US Be Proactive Against Hezbollah?

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Mid-East Policy, Simone Ledeen, has raised concerns about Hezbollah’s potential to launch attacks on American soil, citing the presence of sleeper cells and stored materials. The threat is amplified by Iran’s support of these Lebanese groups, underscored by an attack that tragically killed three U.S. troops in Jordan. With over 160 attacks on U.S. forces following the escalation of violence initiated by Hamas, Ledeen argues for a change in U.S. strategy. She emphasizes the need for offensive military operations in collaboration with allies to send a clear message to Iran and other adversaries, suggesting that the U.S. engage more proactively to redraw lines and protect its interests.

Do you believe the United States should take a more proactive military stance in response to the threats posed by Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed groups?

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