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Abortion may be on the ballot in Ohio in November. Secretary of State Frank LaRose certified 496K valid signatures supporting the proposed constitutional amendment. Issue 1—A separate measure that would make it far more difficult to amend Ohio’s constitution must be defeated before an abortion amendment can be added. Every state that let voters decide voted to allow abortions. If Ohio voters vote the same way, abortions would be legal up to 24 weeks, despite the state’s six-week abortion ban that was passed shortly after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Should pro-life amendments be added to state constitutions?
After facing backlash from progressives over his use of real news footage in his latest music video, country music legend Jason Aldean is not backing down. The "Try That in a Small Town" star told a crowd at his Cincinnati, Ohio concert that he loves America, and wants it back to how to was "before all the bullsh*t."
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