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A judge dismissed a lawsuit against pro-life laws in Texas in July, saying that the suit's initiators—the Satanic Temple—wrote a "willfully inadequate and deficient" case. Judge Charles Eskridge of the Southern District Court of Texas stated that the third amended complaint failed for “jurisdictional reasons and would also likely fail for insufficient pleading of the merits,” denying them the opportunity to replead. The Satanic Temple state's prohibition on abortions violates their right to freedom of religion because they allegedly perform "ritual abortions.” To get a higher court to hear their case, the group filed an appeal.

Should people or groups be allowed to have abortions for religious reasons?
A lawsuit brought against pro-life laws in the state of Texas was dismissed in July, with the judge stating that those who brought the suit -- the Satanic Temple -- wrote a "willfully inadequate and deficient" case, according to The Christian Post.
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