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The Washington Stand criticizes Planned Parenthood, the Children's Law Center, and the ACLU for allegedly supporting child marriage due to fears that laws against it could impact abortion rights. This claim is based on a Newsweek article discussing the legal battles in California aimed at protecting minors from child marriage. Despite expectations that California would lead the charge in banning child marriage, opposition has stalled progress. The report highlights that over 300,000 children were legally married in the U.S. between 2000 and 2018, with Delaware and New Jersey being the first states to address the issue. However, it criticizes Democrat-run states for purportedly defending the practice.

In light of the ongoing debate surrounding marriage under 18 years of age, where do you stand on the matter?
An article published by the Washington Stand argued that Planned Parenthood, Children's Law Center, and the ACLU want to protect the abusive act of child marriage because members are worried any laws against the action will spill over into abortion.
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