In a recent report released by the Media Research Center (MRC), it is alleged that Google has interfered in U.S. elections multiple times over the last 16 years, starting as early as 2008. The primary focus of these allegations centers around censorship and biased information dissemination favoring certain political agendas. Highlighted instances include favoring Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries and censoring negative content about President Joe Biden through its AI tool, Google Gemini. MRC has put forth recommendations urging investigation into Google’s practices, reclassification of Google as a common carrier to prevent viewpoint discrimination, and encouraging the public to pivot to Google alternatives. There’s also a call to action for elected officials to ensure the integrity of America’s voting systems in the face of admissions by companies like ES&S about the connectivity of their systems.

Should tech companies like Google should be investigated for potential election interference?

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