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In the face of a darkening future, a staggering 69% of pastors report a growing sense of fear gripping their congregations, according to a recent Lifeway Research study. This fear-ridden trend isn't new - it's an escalation from the already alarming 76% who sensed fear in 2010, during the throes of the global financial crisis. White and Hispanic pastors, in particular, report the highest levels of dread and fear emanating from their flocks. Interestingly, among the denominations, Non-denominational, Methodist, Baptist, and Lutheran churches report higher incidences of this fear compared to Pentecostal churches.

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Poll: Do you feel your church has become more fearful of the future?
A study published Tuesday found that almost 69% of pastors believe there is a growing sense of fear within their congregations about the future of America and the rest of the world.
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