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The White House's recent changes in rules have led to a startling 31% decrease in the number of reporters with access, as reported by The Washington Stand. These new regulations require reporters to obtain full credentials from either Congress or the Supreme Court to access a 'hard pass.' The implications of these tighter access restrictions are twofold. Firstly, it significantly impedes the ability of smaller, regional news outlets to cover events, given their inability to maintain a presence in multiple government branches. Secondly, it provides the current administration with the power to exclude reporters whose questions they find unfavorable. This development raises serious concerns about free press and the democratic process, and it calls for urgent attention and action.

In light of the recent changes in White House's press access rules, do you believe these restrictions undermine the role of free press in maintaining transparency in government?
The White House has 442 fewer reporters today than even just three months ago, according to a report from The Washington Stand.
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