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In an interview with Newsmax, Beth Ailes, widow of FOX News CEO Roger Ailes, voiced her concern about the direction FOX News is taking. It has been reported that the FOX News employee portal “FOX Giving” is set up for staff to donate easily to liberal groups such as the Satanic Temple, Planned Parenthood, and Southern Poverty Law Center. FOX matches those donations up to $1000. Ailes calls this act, “a betrayal of the FOX News core audience … All of us know that devil worship, [gender-transition] care, you name it, some of the themes of these organizations that are available to match the donations … they are evildoers. As Christians, we have an obligation to call them out. Christianity is under attack. And what we’re seeing from Fox is industrialized devil worship.”

Do you watch FOX News and does this news concern you?
Beth Ailes, the widow of Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, described the network as “industrial devil worship” while being interviewed by Newsmax on Friday.
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