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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden Administration is considering removing China's human rights sanctions while pleading with it to assist in combating the fentanyl issue. According to the publication, the punishments in question relate to Chinese police forensic institutions that are thought to have violated human rights. In a meeting with authorities in Beijing in June, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken proposed establishing new strategies for addressing the fentanyl problem. Chinese authorities, however, insisted that the sanctions must be lifted for their country to participate in the fight against the crisis. We need new lawmakers and officials who will hold China accountable for both their continuous attacks on the United States and their human rights violations.

Do you think Secretary of State Tony Blinken is an effective Secretary of State against our adversaries?
The Biden Administration is considering lifting human rights sanctions against China while asking the nation for help fighting the fentanyl crisis, the Wall Street Journal reported.
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