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In a groundbreaking court case, California mother Jessica Konen secured a victory of $100,000 against Spreckles Union School District. The school had attempted to 'trans' her daughter, Alicia, without parental consent. As part of this process, Alicia was told she could use the boy's bathroom, was referred to by male pronouns, and was even given a 'Gender Support Plan'. Acting without informing the parent, the school also advised Alicia on how to hide her new gender identity from her mother.

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Do You Think Schools Should Discuss Gender Ideology and Sexual Preferences With Students Without Parental Consent?
California mother Jessica Konen won a $100,000 judgment against her daughter’s school district, Spreckles Union School District, in Monterey, California, after members of their school tried to secretly “trans” her daughter without her consent, according to the National Review.
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