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In a startling revelation, Fox News reports that a class curriculum at Princeton University for Fall 2023 proposes that black people should be viewed as "disabled" due to systemic racism. The class, led by Satyel Larson, author of a controversial book with Jasbir Puar, suggests that social structures in America limit the agency of black people, effectively rendering them "disabled". The book further associates the Black Lives Matter and the movement against the Israeli occupation of Palestine with disability rights. This concept, though divisive, is being taught in American higher educational institutions, further stigmatizing and alienating a demographic already burdened by societal prejudices.

Do you agree with the notion being taught at Princeton University that Black individuals should be classified as "disabled" due to systemic racism?
Fox News reported Sunday that a Princeton University class curriculum for Fall 2023 claims that black people should be considered “disabled” due to systemic racism.
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