In a stunning victory that shocked liberals, pro-life Republican Jeff Landry has been elected Governor in Louisiana. Pulling in an impressive 52% of votes, Landry trounced his primary opponent, pro-choice Democrat Shawn Wilson (who was expected to win, but ended up with a measly 26% of votes). This seismic shift in the political landscape has been attributed in part to Landry’s endorsement from former President Donald Trump. Besides being staunchly pro-life, Landry champions traditional family values, opposes gender reassignment surgery for minors, and fights against tech censorship. This win, according to Landry, serves as a wake-up call and suggests that life and family issues carry more weight with the electorate than the Democrats had anticipated.

Do you believe that Jeff Landry's victory for Governor of Louisiana signals a broader shift towards conservative, pro-life policies in America?

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