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In a compelling turn of events, Sean Feucht, the founder of "Let Us Worship," had his '67 Ghallagher guitar stolen and then miraculously recovered from a pawn shop. However, the most remarkable part of the story was when the thief, identified as Zach, sought forgiveness and found redemption through Jesus. He confessed his wrongdoing to Feucht, who not only forgave him but even invited him to a worship event. Before a crowd of 7,000 worshipers, Zach publicly surrendered his life to Jesus, desiring freedom from drug addiction. Feucht celebrated the event, highlighting God's ability to write extraordinary stories of redemption.

Do you believe that experiences of forgiveness and redemption, like Zach's, can help individuals overcome addiction?
In June 2023, “Let Us Worship” founder Sean Feucht revealed his guitar was stolen from his vehicle in downtown Spokane, Washington, according to Church Leaders.
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