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The American Bible Society's research revealed that nearly 45% of Gen Z young adults are eager to understand the message of the scripture, despite declining Scripture engagement rates. This generation, known for digital savviness, curiosity, and advocacy for change, is grappling with their faith identity, with only 10% of Gen Z adults regularly engaging with the Bible. However, interest in the Bible and Jesus's message is undisputed. A whopping 44% of Gen Z are "extremely curious" about the Bible and Jesus, indicating an ongoing "Great Awakening." This spiritual shift isn't confined to practicing Christians; even those outside the faith are open to Scripture and faith-related experiences.

Do you believe that the interest of Gen Z in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus signifies a "Great Awakening"?
Research published by the American Bible Society in August revealed that 45% of Gen Z young adults are interested in learning the message of scripture.
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