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According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, nuclear war and climate change are both existential threats. “Well, you can’t, I think, have a hierarchy. There are some things that are front and center — the wolf at the door — including potential conflict, but there’s no doubt that climate represents an existential challenge to all of us,” according to Blinken. However, even climatologists do not appear to be as alarmed as Blinken.• Enforce the existing state statute to hold a minute of silence at the beginning of the school day with the following announcement: “We now pause for a minute of silence in which students and teachers may use this minute to reflect, meditate, pray, or engage in any other silent activity.”
• Display a “durable poster or framed copy” of the Ten Commandments in each public school classroom.
• Require a “Western Civilization” course for graduation “to strengthen the heritage which was integral to the nation’s founding and its western culture, as well as to foster gratitude and informed citizenship.
Many people are horrified by Walter's suggestions, but there are also many who agree with them.

Is climate change a threat or a tool of control?
Secretary Of State Antony Blinken told "60 Minutes Australia" that climate change is an existential challenge on par with nuclear war.
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