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RealClear Investigations produced a report on how Republican senators and others oppose a Biden Administration secretive executive order that allows employees of every federal agency to develop ideas for increasing voter turnout. The executive order seems useful on the surface and the language suggests it was created to help improve the voting rights of people of color throughout the United States. Republicans contend that the directive has expanded to involve the entire government—leaders of more than 600 federal entities—in sponsoring left-wing candidates. This is a similar direction to the one that sparked the "Zuckbucks" scandal of the 2020 presidential election. House Republicans introduced legislation to thwart the executive order, but it is unlikely to pass the Democrat-led Senate. Numerous red states have voiced their desire to challenge the Biden Administration’s decision. Individual states must take steps to block this order.

Can you count on Congress to make election integrity a priority?
A report published by RealClear Investigations, Wednesday, detailed how Republican lawmakers and others are fighting against Biden Administration executive order that enables members of every single government agency to figure out how to get more people to vote.
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