Can The Election Integrity Bill Reduce Fraud?

Republican Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes spoke about the state’s election integrity bill, arguing that it is designed to stave off fraud and should be implemented nationwide. Hughes emphasized the need for trustworthy elections for a functioning democratic system. He highlighted the issues with mail-in ballots, asserting that they’re the most susceptible to fraud. He also noted the shady practices of ballot harvesters who are financially incentivized by political campaigns. Texas, he claims, has introduced a 24/7 live stream for ballot counting and stricter signature verification processes. Voter ID for mail-in ballots and expanded in-person voting hours are additional reforms. Hughes warned against the push for universal mail-in ballots, which he believes could lead to distrusted elections and rampant fraud.

Do you believe that implementing the Texas-style election integrity bill nationwide would reduce the possibility of fraud in elections?

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