Act now to include Texas Transactional Gold and Silver in the upcoming election!

Texas lawmakers convene biennially, and under normal circumstances, we would delay passing this crucial legislation until 2025. However, given the current high inflation rates, escalating federal debt, and threats to the dollar from BRICS nations, waiting until 2025 may be too late.

With the Texas Bullion Depository in place, Texas is poised to lead the way with Constitutional-based Texas gold and silver. The concept is straightforward: Texans can link a debit card to gold and silver holdings in the Texas Bullion Depository for seamless transactions.

This initiative offers numerous advantages:

  • Facilitates easy ownership and transactions of gold and silver for all Texans.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the established Texas Bullion Depository and existing commercial platforms, providing access to gold-backed, state-supported, constitutional currency suitable for a modern economy.
  • Differs from Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), addressing concerns regarding privacy and control. It remains unaffected by potential attacks on the U.S. dollar by various countries.
  • Serves as a financial safeguard for ordinary Americans.
  • Provides Texans with a natural means to save and hedge against inflation.
  • Simplifies the process of owning and transacting in gold and silver.
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