Each year, the federal government spends hundreds of billions of dollars of American taxpayer money to fund 1,118 unauthorized programs. These government-run programs have EXPIRED authorizations, yet we continue to pay for them! Last year alone, the American people paid $461 billion to keep these programs going.

The Congressional Budget Office annually tracks the authorizations of appropriations with expiration dates and issues a report flagging these programs so Congress can review them and decide what action to take. The last report was in August 2022. You can read the report here: https://www.cbo.gov/system/files/2022-08/57760-EEAA.pdf

Congress has yet to review these programs or take action to cut or reauthorize them. This is reckless, wasteful, and a burden on taxpayers we should not be expected to bear.

The Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1973 was reauthorized in 1978. It has not been reauthorized in the 45 years since, but we are still paying for it without a single review to see if there is any wasteful spending.

Our nation is bleeding money. We should be able to depend on our elected representatives to look at the 1,118 programs that cost taxpayers almost half a trillion annually. Americans work hard and pay their taxes. Our elected representatives are responsible for being good stewards of our money.

Speaker McCarthy and the House need to immediately work together to responsibly go through these unauthorized programs to look for wasteful spending! Any further neglect is unacceptable!

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