For far too long, presidents from both parties have claimed unchecked powers to declare national emergencies, ignoring Congress and the Constitution. This is in direct contrast to the vision and safeguards our Founders set up to protect our freedom. Congress has a duty to the American people to reclaim Congressional power and restore the system as it was intended to be.

When Congress passed the National Emergencies Act of 1976, it gave the president of the United States unprecedented unilateral power like a monarch. There are currently more than 40 declared national “emergencies” that never had congressional approval and have no expiration date.

Senator Mike Lee stated, “It’s high time that Congress reclaimed its legislative power and restored constitutional balance to our Republic.”

The Article One Act, otherwise known as the “Assuring that Robust, Thorough, and Informed Congressional Leadership is Exercised Over National Emergencies Act,” would automatically end all future emergency declarations after 30 days unless Congress votes to extend the emergency.

We demand a vote on the Article One Act as part of a grassroots campaign to restore public trust in government. The United States Constitution separates the branches of government to prevent the type of overreach the National Emergencies Act of 1976 sanctioned.

Contact your representatives to tell them to take a vote and rescind this dangerous bill!

Article One Act can be found here.

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