Four thousand U.S. AM radio stations remain an irreplaceable source of news, talk shows, sports, and more for the estimated 82 million American listeners each month. AM radio still accounts for a 20% share of radio listening, with time spent listening to the AM dial being around two hours daily.

An NAFB survey says radio listenership increases during the spring and summer, with 75% of farmers listening five or more days each week. Also, rural areas continue to be more dependent on AM radio since access to Wi-Fi and broadband is less widespread.

The National Association of Broadcasters calls AM radio the “backbone of the nation’s Emergency Alert system.” When electricity and cell phones go down, AM radio remains a reliable source of emergency alerts and key warnings.

With AM radio increasingly being dropped by auto manufacturers, Congress must ensure Americans don’t lose this trusted broadcasting source. Updating technology does not mean sacrificing access to life-saving information.

Act now to stop the removal of AM radios in new cars! Tell your representatives to Co-Sponsor and vote for H.R.3413 or S.1669 AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act of 2023!


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