A survey conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recent found that a “substantial portion” of state residents struggle with inconsistent or inadequate internet connectivity.

Though a majority of Nebraskans reported having access to mostly reliable internet, the digital divide is most felt in rural portions of the state, according to Flip the Media. “One of the key findings of the survey is that a significant number of rural residents rely on outdated or less reliable forms of internet service. This includes satellite and dial-up connections, which are often slower and more prone to disruptions than the high-speed broadband available in cities,” the outlet wrote in their analysis.

“The lack of reliable internet access in these areas can have far-reaching consequences, particularly in an increasingly digital world where connectivity is essential for accessing information, services, and opportunities.”

Financial Concerns

The cost of high-speed internet is one of the major factors in mitigating access. Many households opt for less reliable, cheaper options for getting online. This financial divide further pushes the short and long-term equity of these communities. “This economic divide further exacerbates the digital gap, as those who can afford better services gain a significant advantage over those who cannot,” the analysis continued.

“State officials have acknowledged the issue and are exploring various solutions to address the disparities. This includes potential partnerships with private companies to expand broadband coverage, as well as seeking federal funding to support infrastructure projects,” Flip the Media noted. Some lawmakers are also pushing for greater data collection to understand the specific challenges and needs of communities across America that lack adequate access to the Internet.

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