Minimum wage bumped up in July in Washington D.C., Nevada, and Oregon, as well in a few cities across the country.

In D.C.,  workers will now make $17.50 an hour, representing an increase of 50 cents, according to NerdWallet. This is the highest state-level minimum wage in the nation, except for some unique exceptions. Nevada’s minimum wage increase to $12, a $1.75 increase. (TAKE A POLL: Is the Current Tax System Fair?)

Oregon also increase its minimum wage in some areas. In non-urban rural areas of southern, central, and eastern Oregon, the minimum wage was placed at $13.70. In Willamette Valley and Oregon’s coastal counties, the wage is now $14.70, and $15.95 in Portland.

Where Else Did Increases Happen?

  • Los Angeles $17.28
  • LA County $17.27
  • Malibu $17.27
  • San Francisco $18.67
  • Chicago $16.20
  • Minneapolis $15.57

Costs Passed To Consumers

A report from ABC7 noted that the cost of things like gas and food at your favorite restaurants in places like Chicago will increase throughout the month of July. (TAKE A POLL: Should the Government Take Immediate Action to Curb Inflation, Even if it Means Higher Taxes?)

“Across the board of my three restaurants, my servers are making $35 an hour and they did not want an increase in tipped minimum wage. We’re going to have to figure out a whole new pay structure,” Peanut Park Trattoria owner David Bonomi told the outlet.

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