As of March 2024, more than 200 million are estimated to have seen the first three seasons of “The Chosen,” according to Crosswalk.

“The Chosen” tells the story of Jesus Christ and his adulthood on Earth, gathering his disciples, across a pre-planned seven season run, the Hollywood Reporter noted. But could it be that the Jesus cinematic universe is on the horizon? Dallas Jenkins, “The Chosen” writer-creator-director, says “yes.”

“One of the most exciting things is that so many people tell us they’re into the show in the same way they’re into Marvel or DC,” Jenkins says. “But we didn’t do it cynically — ‘Let’s create a Marvel experience and find content that fits.’ It started with the content.” (TAKE A POLL: Do You Agree That Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Our Economy and Need More Support?)

What Other Shows Have Been Pitched?

Thanks to Jenkins’ new studio partnership, he plans to bring so many other Biblical stories to the world’s television sets. “Moses was like a reluctant Tony Soprano,” Jenkins says. “He was the head of the largest family and didn’t want to be.” How about Noah’s Ark? “The story of Noah is basically ‘Parenthood’ on a boat,” Jenkin notes. And there will be prequels and sequels of “The Chosen” “galore.”

What Do People Think Of “The Chosen?”

More than 3,000 people have reviewed “The Chosen” on IMDB. It currently has a 9.2/10 rating. Here’s what some viewers say about the show:

“To cut straight to the point: The Chosen is far and away the best on-screen depiction of the life of Christ-either mini-series or movie. The writing and character development are exceptional. It’s as captivating as The Passion, yet in so many ways more human and relatable. My family and I keep re-watching them just to get one more glimpse of the Son of Man. The miracles are deeply moving and will bring you to tears.”

“I’m honestly really impressed by what the makers of this show have accomplished. It’s such a unique take that they’ve given to the story, this sort of “street-level view” of those people that encountered Jesus. Reading these stories in the Bible again and again makes it easy to become detached from the fact that these were real people living real lives dealing with real struggles, going to work, hanging with friends, making jokes, eating lunch, and stepping in animal poop [laughing emoji] but they’ve brought it all to life in an engaging and relatable way where the tight budget seldom shows.” (TAKE A POLL: Should the National Requirement for Maternity Leave Be Over 6 Weeks?)

“My wife wanted me to watch The Chosen with her, and I avoided it for weeks, because I expected yet another well-intentioned but ‘cheesy’ Christian production. Then I finally gave in. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG. This production is amazing! The quality of the scripts, acting, and sets are all on a par with the production values of a well-regarded Hollywood ‘short season’ series. And the depiction of the historical culture and the conjectural backstories for key figures around Jesus are BETTER than anything I have seen elsewhere. If you are at all curious about a fresh take on the life of Jesus that still maintains rigorous effort to remain true to the New Testament record, I would HIGHLY recommend this series!”

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