Hundreds of attendees at the Look Up Celebration, led by Will Graham, at Australia’s Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, committed to follow Jesus in late June.

This region of Australia is often thought of as the Miami or Las Vegas of the country, according to the Christian Post. But the Look Up Celebration broke the mold last Saturday. (TAKE A POLL: Do You Agree That Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Our Economy and Need More Support?)

“Many people believe there are multiple ways to God, but that’s not what the Bible says,” Will Graham told the crowd. “Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ There’s only one way to God and that’s through His Son, Jesus Christ, and what He did on the cross. Jesus bled and died to pay the debt so that you and I can have a relationship with God.”

Hundreds Respond To God’ Call

Hundreds of people apparently responded to God’s call, and walked toward the stage at the center to commit publicly to following Jesus Christ. (TAKE A POLL: Do You Attend Weekly Religious Services?)

“God moved mightily,” Graham wrote on Facebook following the event. “As I shared about God’s love with a crowd of more than 4,600 people gathered at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, hundreds decided to put their hope and trust in Jesus Christ. Would you join me in praying for these new believers and for God to continue to work in the Gold Coast?”

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