A poll published in May 2024 detailed how young Americans overwhelmingly see politicians as corrupt, and that their generation will end up being worse over the course of their lifetimes.

Data shared by Semafor detailed how some 20% of young Americans think “it doesn’t matter who wins elections, nothing changes.” A further 28% said they somewhat agree with the statement, suggesting there’s trouble ahead as we move through the 2024 election cycle. (LEARN MORE: State Economies Worse Due To Childcare Costs)

“As part of the online poll of 943 18-30-year-old registered voters, Blueprint asked participants to respond to a series of questions about the American political system: 49% agreed to some extent that elections in the country don’t represent people like them; 51% agreed to some extent that the political system in the US “doesn’t work for people like me;” and 64% backed the statement that “America is in decline.” A whopping 65% agreed either strongly or somewhat that “nearly all politicians are corrupt, and make money from their political power” — only 7% disagreed,” Semafor wrote in its analysis.

What Do Young People See In America?

“I think these statements blow me away, the scale of these numbers with young voters,” Blueprint lead pollster Evan Roth Smith told Semafor. “Young voters do not look at our politics and see any good guys. They see a dying empire led by bad people.” (TAKE A POLL: Do You Trust Current Political Leaders to Make the Right Economic Decisions for the Future?)

At least 54% of respondents believes that their lives will be worse off than when they were born as a result of all political activity. A majority said they were happier before the COVID-19 pandemic, with 77% saying the county became worse after the events of the early 2020s.

Young Voters Matter

“Step one is more fully admitting that people are hurting, concerning young voters and all voters, particularly around the economy [and] inflation,” Smith continued. “And that we’re doing something about it. That it’s not all roses, and communicating that really, really strongly: That we don’t think everything is great. (LEARN MORE: US Facing 12 Million ‘Occupational Transitions,’ Experts Say)

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