Data compiled and released by Statista in June found that the government/poor leadership, immigration, the economy, cost of living/inflation, and social issues like poverty, hunger, and homelessness are most important to Americans in the run-up to the 2024 election.

Lowest on the list of concerns were LGBT rights, welfare, and terrorism. As we head into the 2024 elections, the country is highly divided on who is best to lead us through the next four years of these issues. On July 1, Rasmussen Reports found President Joe Biden held a 55% disapproval rating, with 63% of the country believing we’re on the wrong track. (TAKE A POLL: Should the Government Take Immediate Action to Curb Inflation, Even if it Means Higher Taxes?)

Polls throughout the week prior from EPIC-MRA, Progress (D), SurveyUSA, NYTimes/Siena, Quinnipiac, Economist/YouGov, and Marquette, all had former President Donald Trump winning both some state and the general elections by several points.

How Do Issues Differ By Party?

Data published in May 2024 by Statista found that the most important issue for Republican voters was immigration and inflation. Only 1% of Democrats felt immigration was their most important issue, with inflation and prices being the leading concern. (TAKE A POLL: Will Traditional Colleges Become Obsolete Due to Online Learning?)  

It would appear that Americans are united over their concerns about the economy. A poll released in June found that nearly half of Americans are struggling to make ends meet as a result of inflation, according to the New York Post. “Even with a declining inflation rate, prices continue to be much higher than they were four years ago,” Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray said in a report cited by the outlet. “That’s the metric that has really mattered to many Americans over the past two years. Economic concerns may not be the top motivating factor for all voters but it defines the contours of this year’s election.”

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